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Exploring The Top 10 Jewelry Designers

Buccellati has been well known for its custom made and brushed gold platinum Italian jewelry. This capability combined with quality engraved jewelry features is what has catapulted it into the limelight hence the top jewelry designer of its time.


Meet Harry Winston jewelry and you will have met the perfect products of choice. Perhaps this is one of the reasons Marilyn Monroe quoted Harry Winston in her best song that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. This ascertains the already glory of Harry Winston in the jewelry world.

Bulgari is a perfect jewelry choice as it features inspired Greek and Roman watches. And opening in 1884, the company has taken this transformation a step further.

You will always enjoy close interactions with Mikimoto products. This is because the designer aims at pearl jewelry with the best quality pearls in the world defining its path for greatness.

Next we have Martin Katz. Not only does the designer have the passion for jewelry, but he is also passionate about collecting vintage types alongside designing exquisite models.

Tiffany and Co. has been around and about since 1837 and its strong sense of style and class has heightened the glory of this jewelry designer in a great scene. Tiffany and Co. generates custom made jewelry that is designed to precision and for any occasion.

Piaget is most famed for diamond watches. And to increase its performance in jewelry production, it now has Jessica Alba superstar actress as its most recent face of the company. This is perhaps a great transformation and strategy towards success.

London has been put to fame by their very own Graff designer. And quite unique with its designs, Graff has been put to light through such rare and quality designs that accounts for the millions of dollars sales and worth every year.

Cheopard fall next with its great expertise and experience in the jewelry industry below its belt. Also, Cheopard enjoys a large base of fortune by clients driven by jewelry value concerns but still need the best solutions in the shortest time possible.

Finally, Carnet by Mitchell Ong is an artful designer who can easily imitate the very suppleness of fabric whenever creating a piece of jewelry. Needless to say, Carnet Ong is only a few designers to achieve this stunning capriciousness.