What Quality of Gold Should You Have For Daily Wear Jewelry

daily wear braceletIrrespective of whether you are going to a special occasion, treating yourself or just in your daily routine, putting on gold jewelry is always a delightful experience. However, putting on the right quality of gold jewelry is equally important to make you stand out from the rest.

Purchasing high quality gold jewelry for daily use is always rewarding since gold which is among the most precious metals is known to retain its value. If you give your gold jewelry proper care, you can be assured that the quality will remain for a long time. The quality and price of gold jewelry varies greatly depending on its weight and karat.

Buying quality pieces of gold jewelry may be expensive but they guarantee you years of good service.

The quality of gold that you have on your daily wear jewelry should be carefully selected to ensure they are of the right weight and karat quality. At the point of sale of your gold jewelry, you should ensure that you check the jeweler’s scale to guide you select the suitable weight that you will be comfortable with and ensure that you choose a lower karat quality to reduce vulnerability of your jewelry to damage from regular wear. While choosing the gold jewelry to use for daily wear, you should keep in mind that some jewelry pieces like bracelets and rings are usually exposed to scratching and bumping and having a 14 or 10 karat jewelry pieces can ensure a longer service.

If you are cautious about quality, you should be keen when selecting your gold jewelry so as to ensure that you get solid gold. Some ordinary metal jewelry may be coated or plated with gold but this does not qualify to be quality gold. When getting your daily wear jewelry, you should ensure that you get solid gold which has a specific karat weight.

Quality gold jewelry has a karat quality stamp and you should therefore be aware when selecting getting advise from the jeweler that they are selling gold jewelry of the right quality for your needs. Sometimes a piece may not have a stamp but you should get a guarantee that the jewelry is solid gold, and get them to test it, before purchasing any daily wear jewelry.

And one last tip, you should also not have gold rings which have thin bands as they can break with time due to wear.


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